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Teacher Training Masterclass (2 DAYS TRAINING)

The workshop

2 days + Certificate QR600

Teacher Training Masterclass

Teacher Training Masterclass

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Teacher Training Masterclass

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better.” Dylan Wiliam

“a range of short and long training programs, some of which have an option of accreditation which hasten the development of employment related knowledge, skills and understanding.”

“CPD is a continuous process of acquiring knowledge and skills throughout one’s professional life.”

The importance of teacher training cannot be reiterated. QEAF in conjunction with Academica Mentoring UK is delivering a 2-day teacher training masterclass in Doha, Qatar. The first of its kind ever to be held.

Our Aims: To equip teachers to become outstanding teacher and senior leaderships to provide exemplary teaching and learning

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

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Our Objectives

Session 1: How to become an outstanding teacher?
Session 2: Key Aspects of Outstanding Teaching
Session 3: Teaching & Learning Strategies
Session 4: The Perfect Lesson


professional speakers From over the education world


Mr. M. Sidat

CEO, Director of Education

Training Masterclass

Nisreen Redwan

Educator Specialist

Curriculums and Teaching Methods

Hazem Alsawy

Accredited trainer


Dates and Timings
Session 1: How to become an outstanding teacher?

Discussion 1: GM – Variables and Non-Variables

Workshop 1: Complete worksheets on GM

Professional Development in Teaching


Friday 23rd March 2018



Session 2: Key Aspects of Outstanding Teaching

Discussion 2: Key elements of teaching

Workshop 2: Practice and implementation of key teaching strategies


Friday 23rd March 2018



Session 3: Teaching & Learning Strategies

Discussion 3: Effective teaching and learning strategies

Workshop 3: Teacher Folder and PDP’s, Blooms Taxonomy, A Model of Learning Objectives, Multiple Strategies / context strategies, VARK


Saturday 24th March 2018 –



Session 4: The Perfect Lesson

Discussion 4: What do inspectors look for? How you can become and effective, outstanding and motivational teacher?

Workshop 4: Observation and Feedback, Assessment, EC + EP


Saturday 24th March 2018 –



Final session

Summary and Bonus event 


Conclusion and Q & A
Q & A (certification)

Resources and Teacher Training Programme


Costs 600QR for 2 days Certification 100QR from Academica Mentoring


Other courses – Seminars and Webinars


Next seminar April 13th and 14th April.


Will be explained on the day


Lesson planning

Behaviour Management in schools

Effective Differentiation in schools



May dates to be announced.


Tea and Coffee provided on the day.



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