Is learning Arabic language different than learning any other language?

A very big YES. why?

Arabic has many variations, Classical Arabic, “language to be learnt to study religious texts”, MSA or modern standard Arabic; the formal language used in media, and finally dialects which are spoken in daily life.”dialects are not written”

one big issue in learning Arabic is that you can find in one word

1- A subject.

2- two objects

3- An article and more all joined together. “see picture below”



This means you have to learn the basic root in Arabic, which is the verb in the past tense conjugated with the pronoun “HE”.

So, to a great extent answering the question why do you want to lean Arabic is very important. If you want to study Islam and Islamic texts, then, you need to learn Classical Arabic which is also called Fus-ha.

If you want to follow Arabic media, Then go for MSA, however in both cases, people will understand what you say, but you will not understand what they say. A big problem Huh?

Not really, because you need to learn some dialects depending on where you are or will be in Arab world.So you must learn a dialect to be able to communicate with people in the street.

One best advice is to learn how to read and write Arabic, because this will help you to learn better and faster. One of the biggest mistakes, institutes do, and student follow, is to learn Arabic through roman character or any other characters. This process will hinder your learning process and make it continue for longer time.

you need to listen, repeat and practice to master Arabic which the similar thing between Arabic and other languages.