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How to learn Arabic?

Is learning Arabic language different than learning any other language? A very big YES. why? Arabic has many variations, Classical Arabic, “language to be learnt to study religious texts”, MSA or modern standard Arabic; the formal language used in media, and finally dialects which are spoken in daily life.”dialects are not written” one big issue in…

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Arabic Spark in the news

Arabic Spark posted in Canadian new education blog , the following link take you there: https://www.new-educ.com/أرابيك-سبارك-arabic-spark
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TEFL Qatar Workshop

TEFL Qatar Workshop ARABIC SPARK has been attended  TEFL Qatar’s fourth Workshop! Mr. Justin Kernot  presented on ‘Fun and Engaging Listening Activities’, The venue was in the College of North Atlantic-Qatar (CNAQ). He explored the reasons for some students’ difficulties with listening tasks. He demonstrated exercises and activities which can help to reduce the ‘block’ that...
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WISE 2017 Word Innovation Summit for Education

ARABIC SPARK has been Invited to the 2017 World Summit For Education ( WISE ). The WISE 2017 which is was an initiative of the Qatar Foundation kick started on Tuesday the 14th of November through to Thursday the 16th of November 2017. It was held at the Qatar National Center and it featured great educators from...
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